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Here at Alternatech we provide honest, reliable and cutting edge ICT services to support local business. Launching in 2020, Alternatech is owned and operated, in Bunbury, by Ash Spencer. Ash grew up in the South West and has been working in the local ICT industry for 19 years.

We believe in innovative, sustainable and continually evolving ICT practices. Alternatech will provide you with tailored products and advice to assist with not only saving your business money, but also reaching peak performance. We cut the gimmicks, up-selling and overcharging to bring you real and authentic support. We are committed to the environment and supporting sustainability. Through innovation and implementation of efficient strategies, we will maintain sustainable IT support tailored to you.

Our team is passionate about the success of our local business community and supporting each other to grow. At Alternatech we strongly believe a solid ICT environment provides the foundations for any business to operate at optimal efficiency. Supporting your business to grow and succeed by building this foundation is why we come to work.

“Growing up, studying and working in the South West has helped me to build strong community and local business relationships. This has provided me with an insight into what local professionals are looking for from their ICT provider – honest and reliable IT support maintaining a secure, cost effective and fail safe ICT environment. After many family discussions we made the decision to branch out and start Alternatech who is committed to providing its clients with real ICT service.” 

– Ash Spencer, Director  

We are focused on supporting our clients, providing service excellence and reaching our goals:

    • Supporting our local community
    • Sustainability
    • Building supportive relationships with committed businesses

Why should you choose us? When aligned with the right attributes, values and goals we will become an extension of your team and add value to your business.


Our vision is for clients to have a cutting edge, secure and fail-safe ICT environment to support the day to day operations of their business.


Alternatech strives to be the top provider of honest, innovative and client-centred ICT solutions in the South West.


Monday to Friday 8:30AM to 5:00PM


Striving to be the the pioneers in ICT in the South West


The smooth operation of our clients business is our number one priority


Our organisation and its people are real and down to earth

SAFE & Secure

Providing clients with a fail-safe and secure ICT environment

Family Owned & Operated

Bunbury born and bred family, operating locally

Support 24/7

We provide high-quality support for each client, 24/7