We're committed

Alternatech’s business model is focused around providing business ICT support; therefore, technology is at the forefront of our business. With the ever-evolving technology world a commitment to Green IT is imperative to reduce the environmental impact caused by IT operations.

Green IT is a collection of strategic and tactical initiatives that directly reduces the carbon footprint of an organisation’s computing operation. This can manifest itself in many different forms however, Green IT is not just focused on reducing the environmental impact of the ICT industry. It is also focused on using the services of ICT to help reduce the organisation’s overall carbon footprint, regardless of the type, shape, or size of the organisation. (The Definition Of Green It 2010).

Alternatech are committed to the environment, reducing their carbon footprint, and assisting your business to reduce yours too. Whilst we already undertake sustainable ICT practices, we are constantly upskilling to find new and innovative ways to support our commitment to sustainability and in-turn yours too.

Our goals to becoming a Green ICT provider include:

  1. Operate from a Green IT office
  2. Design and implement Green ICT environments
  3. Select hardware with energy efficient ratings
  4. Utilise sustainable suppliers and manufacturers
  5. Waste disposal policy

Alternatech are already working towards these goals in their own office by:

  • Working towards a paperless office
  • Operating using cloud-based software and storage
  • Utilising soft phones
  • Working via remote desktop, thin clients, and laptops in place of thick clients or full featured computers
  • Sleep mode settings activated, and screensavers disabled
  • Correct disposal of waste, including e-waste
  • Our preferred hardware manufacturer is Dell who are committed to advancing sustainability and have measurable goals for 2030

Many of our solutions above are our default recommendations when designing and implementing ICT environments for our clients. Further advice and recommendations of these solutions can be provided to your business at any time to support your own sustainability goals.